5 Extracurricular Activities to Keep You Creative


Take a floral design class— and they’re not just for the ladies! Learning the art of arranging is far more difficult that meets the eye initially. Not only are you taught to negotiate spatially, but also creatively— doubling down on making your brain work for the beautiful creation. If arranging isn’t quite your thing, do some research on foraging, it’s an impossibly cool pastime for nature lovers, and will also get you into an al fresco activity to enjoy life outside of the office.

Engage in a more centered physical activity—find an introduction Brazilian Jiu Jitsu class, which has an entire psychology behind it or other martial art that focuses as much on mental strength as it does the physical, like Tai Chi. Another great option is barre classes, which take the principles and structure of ballet and parlay them into a more traditional workout routine.  If classes aren’t your thing, try a long walk; there are known benefits to boosting your creativity just by taking a brisk stroll through town.

Try your hand at writing something outside of your comfort zone— I have always loved to write poetry, but it wasn’t until I took an actual class my last year at Penn State that I found myself truly passionate about it. Over the years, I have worked on a few poems, leaving them in my ‘notes’ on my Macbook, and picking them up when the inspiration strikes me to work on them when work gets overwhelming. Join a creative writing circle or pick up a more specialized class at your local college—being a strong writer is an important skill for everyone to possess.

Get your best ideas to paper— finally jot down that business or brand idea that’s been swimming around in your head forever. Create a tag line, sketch out a logo, map out a mission statement; even it gets no further than that piece of paper, congratulations, it’s now alive. Keep a folder of all of these creations and when you’re feeling like you’ve lost your edge, pull out the file and peruse your brilliance— you never know when you may be able to bring your thoughts into fruition!  

Make art— you don’t have to be Picasso to create something that’s really beautiful. There are a million mediums, too, so chose what mode makes you most satisfied. Have a stack of magazines lying around? Curate a collage or find ads that inspire you that would make incredible wall art. One of my favorite activities is uncovering amazing images in my high-end favorite publications and then thrifting frames to match, creating brand art that feels like it’s been made especially for me.