How To Stay Social While Working From Home


For many people that work from home, the idea of ‘winter hibernation’ is actually a four-season phenomenon. Sunshine, rain, wind or snow it’s so easy to catapult yourself into a cycle of solitude that lasts all year long.

Here are a few activity ideas to help keep you social, and sane, outside of your WFH life:

Create a networking hour— coffee, cocktails, whatever kind of meet-up that strikes your fancy. The best way to keep yourself in-the-know is by meeting up with like-minded entrepreneurs or associates in your field.

Take a class on a subject that intrigues you— these scheduled activities get you out of your home office and into the community, and bonus, you already have something in common with everyone there, a similar out-of-work interest.

Start a book club— almost everyone doesn’t read nearly enough. Find a few friend or acquaintance bibliophiles and plan a monthly rendezvous to take a break from real life and embrace a love for good literature.  

Make dinner plans with your favorite friends— most entrepreneurs and work-from-homites spend most of their time with people that lead similar lives. It’s important to be your ‘outside-of-work’ self once in a while with comrades that support you.  

Find a workout buddy— exercise is ultra-important to overall health, including our mental wellness. Create a plan that will keep you both accountable, check out classes to avoid monotony, and enjoy the company of your new fitness friends.

Volunteer— there is no better feeling than doing something good for others. Find an opportunity that fits your personality and fills your heart with gratitude. You’ll feel refreshed with a renewed sense of personal purpose.