Managing At-Home Projects Outside of Work


There are so many things that ‘need’ to be done in the course of day. Part of the reason that I don’t make long lists, I believe, is that very point. I’m terrified of taking a look at all of the ‘should and could dos’ that exist in adult life—especially working from home— even more especially now that we’re renovating that very space.

Our current situation here is quite a juxtaposition— it’s a “finally not in a tiny Manhattan apartment!” sanctuary meets perpetual construction zone meets two professionals working from home full-time. And although our situation is particularly unique with both out-of-office careers based here, I have many friends in the same boat on the restoration front.

I do love everyone’s cute kids on Insta, but my particular favorite posts are my friends’ renovations projects; special shout out to devlynn—because yours make me so happy/ look so good. Too, I commiserate time, preparation, money, sanity and everything else that goes into managing and maintaining new existences— like the bond new moms have with each other— except over backsplashes and not babies.

As for that dreaded to-do list I mentioned earlier, we certainly don’t need to add more to it— so I’m skipping a ton of tips or any long-winded advice. Here are five sanity-saving mantras to remember, and maybe even say aloud, when you’ve got yourself ultra-stressed over creating your dream home.

“I’m grateful for the beautiful bones of my home.”
“I am thankful that I have the opportunity to make this space our own.”
“I will allow myself the luxury of time; not rushing slow progress to suit me.”
“I’m excited to take this journey that will create a beautiful, long-lasting story.”
“I trust I am working within the timeline and plans of the universe.”  

Feeling better? Good. Now, namaste your way back to that can of paint, it's waiting for you...