Five Favorite Things: At-Home, Brain Boosting Activities

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It's easy to put off away-from-home activities at the end of a long day. Try incorporating undertakings that are readily available right where you are already. Below are a few ideas to get you started. 


Art and Coloring Books

Coloring isn't just a great way to keep kids busy; it's an incredible activity to reduce stress and blossom creativity in adults. It's astounding how many companies now create art and coloring books that are especially awesome for a grown up audience. If art isn't your forte, I Spy books are also any age perfection.

Jigsaw Puzzles

Activate your imagination with puzzles that are as beautiful as they are brain boosting. There are myriad categories of  inspiring images that will keep you motivated to find each pieces perfect fit. Bonus: Find a fab frame and turn your hard work into wall art. 

Designing & Arranging

Want to get a little more hands on? If you're always pining for fresh floral creations in your home, start planning the perfect spring garden, then grow and design your own arrangements. If you're not a green thumb, test your creativity with a furniture restore or a chic home update.

aspirational journaling 

Journaling tends to be a polarizing activity for many people; they either love it or hate it. If the blank page is your adversary, no worries!  There are other awesome opportunities to structure your thoughts in a more streamlined way; prompt journals keep your mind sharp and help boost confidence and accountability. 

MeaL Kits 

If your busy life inhibits healthy eating or causes 'what to make tonight' anxiety, a ready-to-go meal kit may be right for you. Stop stressing over grocery runs and spend some quality time in the kitchen preparing dishes that will satisfy your stomach and teach you a few new tricks. 

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