Relationship Tips for 'Couple-preneurs'


There are many deep dives into how entrepreneurs’ personalities and habits effect their interpersonal relationships— especially with their significant others.  Yet, as entrepreneurs, who has the time for myriad sources of in-depth advice?

Below is an easier way to help entrepreneur couples better coexist; 20 tried, tested, and trusted methods my husband and I keep in mind each work day as cohabiting entrepreneurs:

  1. Find activities you both enjoy together outside of your work or business
  2. Look like a person you’d want to be around all day when you WFH
  3. Create a delineation between work areas and places of repose at home
  4. Ask about your partner’s day before you jump into sharing your own
  5. Take time together; sit down for breakfast or grab a happy hour drink
  6. Know your SO's business, enough to have topical conversation on it
  7. Communicate regularly about out-of-work life to stay on the same page  
  8. Schedule dedicated date time where work is not a topic of conversation
  9. Discover the long-term dreams and goals that drive your partner to succeed
  10. Provide ideas when asked for your opinion— be gracious when you’re not
  11. Allow your partner to vent in a way they feel is healthiest for them 
  12. Discuss how to improve the work/life equilibrium to prevent discontent
  13. Be honest with your partner if you believe they’re not being realistic
  14. Share meaningful insight that you feel could be good inspiration
  15.  Trust their business instincts as much as you trust your own
  16. Accept the inevitability of days where you’re not on the same page
  17. Understand that you’ll sometimes feel second to their work; they will too
  18. Make long-term plans that detail why all of this hard work will pay off
  19. Tag-team life tasks together using your stellar entrepreneurial skill sets
  20. Remember you're most successful with a strong support system at home