35 Outside-of-Work Activities That Will Make You Feel Good


Regardless of what we tell ourselves, there is always enough time.  It’s even easier to eschew out–of-work activities when you realize that you actually have to come up with one first.

Good news, we’ve eliminated the guesswork—so no excuses! Take the opportunity to include more healthy habits in your life and try a few of these 35 activities. They’re sure to feel good and create more balance in your everyday existence.

  1. Create, or contribute to, a community garden
  2. Learn a new language
  3. Get involved in the community
  4. Volunteer at a retirement home
  5. Become a professional mentor
  6. Join a book club
  7. Find a intramural sports team for adults
  8. Explore nature
  9. Pick up that old instrument you stopped playing
  10. Write a handwritten letter
  11. Call an old friend
  12. Go on a bike ride
  13. Make art
  14. Adventure away on a one-day road trip
  15. Become a dog walker at your local shelter
  16. Dance, even it’s just at home
  17. Watch, listen, or read something that you find hilarious
  18. Gather/Donate items that you no longer need
  19. Spend time with family members or close friends you love
  20. Talk about your day in a journal
  21. Find a yoga class to join
  22. Discover relics from the past at a museum or antique shop
  23. Do something that you’re irrationally afraid to do
  24. Clean your car, or your closet or any space you’ve neglected
  25. Lose yourself for a while in your local library
  26. Walk— wherever the mood strikes you
  27. Uncover a few healthy recipes to add into your regular repertoire
  28. Take small steps towards sustainability—i.e. less plastic bags/silverware
  29. Read that book, article, journal that you’ve put off forever
  30. Rearrange your furniture to change up your view
  31. Pick or procure some fresh flowers just because
  32. Try to listen more and talk less
  33. Begin something new that challenges you
  34. Seek something good for your spiritual self— like meditation
  35. Be mindful of pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, always