Work From Home Wellness: Here's How to Achieve It

work from home

Working from home isn’t easy. While our office dwelling counterpoints believe our day consists of morning grocery runs and perpetual bedhead, we know better. And though we don’t want to get all ‘woe is me’ about the WFH life, we know we miss out on a lot of interpersonal perks; coworker relationships, the thrill of face-to-face collaboration and the camaraderie of a traditional office environment.

When you’re flying solo, sometimes it’s hard to even remember what a great day at work really feels like. It’s easier to identify all of the things we don’t like about the situation like the pitfalls of autonomy and self-sufficiency, as well as attributes outside of our control that stem from working remotely. When that stress has the opportunity to build, we become bitter—but it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are many simple ways to make a healthier workplace for one— we all know that happiness comes from within, so starting with little changes in the way you work throughout the day can have a huge impact on your overall wellbeing, including your mental and physical health.  Maximize productivity and make peace with your surroundings, whatever they may be, by taking the following actions: 

Prioritize Your Day.

Allowing enough time to accomplish all of the tasks that need to get done is imperative. When you’ve got a list, it’s easier to focus—helping make the most of your time for the projects at hand without minimal stress. Want to step it up a bit more? Set a standard routine for your morning and after work hours too, the same rules apply at home, if you want to get the greatest amount done in a healthy, efficient way, keep yourself on track and on schedule for optimal success.

Make Time for a Break.

Taking a little time to yourself is important to stay in the game at full attention all day. Think about it like an athlete in a sports match—there are times built into the game for them to recuperate and recharge for the rest of what they’re up against. Take a cue from the pros and approach your day the same way. Getting a moment to step away and refocus may make a huge difference in your performance. Give yourself the best opportunity to accomplish your goals.

Keep Track of Your Skills.

Be mindful of what you’ve got to offer. A great way to do this is to always keep an updated resume or skills sheet that makes it easy for you to identify what qualities make you a particularly good employee. Above and beyond the benefit that is to your current and future career opportunities, it’s an awesome way to give yourself an extra boost of confidence in your abilities. If you’re confident in what you can do, it shows from the inside out. From your coworkers, to your bosses, to any other important interpersonal relationships in your career network—they’ll all see that you know your value.

Eat Right.

The best way to boost your brainpower is by consuming the right nutrients all day. Lunch is a great way to not only energize your body, but also give it a break from screen time and the stress of your desk. You can also save yourself a few bucks by finding new favorite recipes and getting creative! If possible, too, eat away from your workspace to give yourself time to unwind for a few minutes. And don’t think we forgot about the most important meal of the day! Say ‘see ya’ later to a boring breakfast. Try one of the many fun foodies’ sites that help you mix up your routine with health being the number one priority.

Each day will bring new and different challenges. If we know how to face them head on with a positive perspective and an intelligent outlook, we’ll yield the very best results both personally and professionally. Take just a little time to make necessary improvements in the short term; it will provide boundless opportunities for an even brighter future.