20 Tips to Curate a Quality Girl Gang


The most successful ladies I know have a quality support system of other empowering, like-minded women behind them—boss ladies that help keep you balanced.

It’s absolutely true that your vibe attracts you tribe—but it can still be really difficult, especially for women, to procure quality friendships. Try these 20 tips to create the girl gang you deserve.

Be Yourself. You’ll only find authentic friends if you’re true to who you are first— let them see the real you shine.  

Make your own judgments. Every friendship is different; get to know someone before you count them out because another friend isn’t a fan.

Keep approachable. If you’re observed as ‘closed off,’ many could-be friends may not even make the effort—it’s OK to be particular but don’t be picky.

Identify your shortcomings. No one likes a know-it-all; if you’re open about your own inadequacies, your friends will feel freer to be themselves too. 

Practice being a good friend. It’s not enough to just tell people that you’re there for them. Listen, learn, and grow with them by actively participating in their lives.

Assuage your own self-doubt. It’s awesome to have friends that pick you up when you’re down, but don’t let your own doubts drag them into your self-pity.

Avoid competition. Good friends want to see their friends succeed; jealousy and unnecessary ‘one-upping’ are symptoms of toxic relationships, steer clear.

Know your strong suits. When you’re confident in your own abilities it gives your gang the motivation to be their best selves too—everyone wins!  

Have something to offer. Don’t be a friend that only feeds off of others. Make sure that you bring quality characteristics, ideas and intrigue to the table. 

Share your wisdom. Wise friends are the best friends. Pick gals that you feel value your opinion and give good, honest advice no matter what.  

Encourage authenticity. Real knows real— when you practice being your unique self you’ll unintentionally encourage your friends to do the same. 

Strive to be inclusive. You never know who you may click with— you would want someone to get to know you first, be sure exercise the same leniency. 

Perfect your approach. It’s not always easy to create open communication with a new person—ruminate on past experiences and renegotiate for new endeavors. 

Remain neutral. Strive to be a voice of middle-ground reason in your group. Division only fractures friendships— strive to keep an open mind.

Listen actively. The key to being a good friend is to listen above all else. When your friends feel heard they will appreciate you most. 

Don’t gossip. This is totally in the ‘treat others as you want to be treated’ category. The brass tacks, good friends don’t talk shit on each other.

Eschew hierarchies. i.e. don’t try to be the Beyoncé. Everyone is different, bringing their own strengths and quarks to a community; avoid procuring a pecking order.

Facilitate the good vibes. Be a bright and cheery presence in the lives of your friends— no one wants to hang out with a constant complainer or a ‘woe is me’ mentality.

Stay self-reflective. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses as it relates to your group. Continue to enhance your value in it, by practicing being your best self.

Don’t give up too easily. Sometimes the going gets tough— and just like with romantic relationships, the best ones take hard work and compromise to be most fruitful.