Relocation: Here's How to Make It Stress-Free


Few things are as terrifying as a big move— especially if it’s into or out of a major city. Keep these tips in mind as you make the leap; ensuring that you’re on the right track from the day you decide to say, ‘Let’s do it!’

Plan and pack as early as possible— We found the home of our dreams at the end of June and were moved in by the last week of September; ninety days felt like a lifetime to prepare, but in reality, it came down to the wire. When you factor in work, necessary activities, and all of else that other ‘life’ stuff that comes up, you realize that there are far fewer hours to prepare than you initially anticipate. Organization is key to avoid major panic at the end— allow yourself the benefit of enjoying your last few days in your current space by giving yourself enough time to prepare and execute properly.

Make detailed lists and notes for packing— I broke everything down— and it was a major time saver. Create lists of what to accomplish first, room by room, starting with the tackling the smallest items and ending with largest. Once I had an idea of how much ‘small stuff’ we had, it was much easier to negotiate what to get rid of, how to pack it, all while allowing enough space for what the large items would need. Once packed, I could refer back to my notes and know exactly how many boxes came from each room and what was in each of them.

Hivemind moving costs— Talk to everyone you can about their personal experiences. We received so much amazing advice and money-saving tips from people that had made similar recent moves. From the truck rentals, to moving teams, to the supplies that are most necessary—make sure you source your information well in advance. Be prepared, too, to ask direct questions to the companies that you’re considering, saving time and prevent avoidable issues.  

Don’t be cheap on moving supplies— one of the most unexpected costs of our move was the price of quality packing materials. My husband is the logistic genius in our house, so he found exactly what we needed, mostly on Amazon, with relative ease—what I didn’t consider was how much we’d pay for all of it. Proudly, and much to Erick’s credit— only a single candle was broken on an entire box truck of stuff—so investing the extra $200 into the right supplies to pack up our life was totally worth it.

 Research your new surroundings beforehand— it’s exhausting to try to learn everything you need to know after the major effort of just getting there. During your packing breaks, invest time to jot down the questions and information that you’ll need answers to before you arrive. You’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way upon arrival, and you’ll also help assuage the inevitable feeling of loneliness that will arise after the dust has settled in an unfamiliar place.     

Don’t stress if things don’t go your way— You’re going to forget, miscalculate or underestimate something— its’s inevitable; and it’s important to keep that in mind. We moved out of our apartment in East Harlem, closed on our new home and moved in all on the same day; it was a ridiculous schedule to put ourselves on, but we managed it— but not without hiccups. Like when we realized, day of move, that we had much more stuff than we had even calculated, resulting in Erick having to make a second trip for the rest of our stuff the following week. As such, another important tip, if you’re locked into an apartment on a lease, plan to move out several days in advance of your ‘last day’ to avoid being charged for not moving out on time.