5 Reasons to Host a Dinner Party Right Now


If you need a push beyond just "good food, drinks and friends" here are five outstanding excuses to start planning your next dinner soiree. 

It’s good for your overall well-being. 

Via HuffPo: There’s a tremendous amount of confidence-boosting and self-esteem boosting, performing an act like cooking for others,” explained Julie Ohana, a licensed masters clinical social worker and culinary art therapist. “And that’s part of what lends itself to those psychological effects about being able to do something that you feel really good about.”  

It’s a perfect networking opportunity.

Via Entrepreneur: I learned about Oldford when a mutual friend emailed me, asking if I’d like to have dinner with Oldford in New York City. Intrigued, I said yes, and found out more about marketing and technology company and his approach to meeting people. From spring 2014 to that fall, Oldford went on a networking binge, conducting an estimated 40 lunches and dinners with a mix of friends and strangers. (originally inspired by fellow Canadian entrepreneur Jayson Gaignard, who released a book in early 2015 called Mastermind Dinners)” 

 It keeps you more well mannered.  

Via D Magazine: “It’s where the young learn manners,’’ claims a Dallas grande dame, commenting on the deplorable decline of taste (one younger Dallasite was recently given such a lesson when dowager Kenneth Horan Rogers kicked him under the table when she saw him blowing on a spoonful of hot soup.)”

It makes you more social. 

Via Scientific American: “While our modern-day group dining efforts are largely celebratory in nature on the surface—birthdays, weddings, holidays, etc.—psychologically and socially they serve the same need: they gather our allies (both family and friends) and renew our social obligations to each other.” 

It will give you something to look forward to.

Via Good Housekeeping: So why do people feel happier when waiting for an experience? Researchers say people might think of future experiences in more abstract ways: There's really no way to know exactly when Beyonce will belt out "Single Ladies" at a big show, so you might view the waiting more positively. But if you know you're getting your hands on the new iPhone after you endure this three-hour line, that might be less exciting and just downright frustrating.