20 Mobile Apps To Keep Life More Organized

Mobile Apps

It was a major goal of mine for 2018 to spend less personal time mindlessly scrolling through social media on my iPhone. With digital platforms being so integrally tied into my career, however, it’s easy to quantify the amount of time spent as “justifiable.”

Making solid strides so far this year with that objective has helped me to utilize that misspent time in my day for better productivity. If you’re looking to keep life a little more organized too, these apps make every aspect of real life a lot more efficient.


Reading & Listening

TuneInThe best aggregator for any podcast or news source you’d ever want to listen to.

TextureWith personalized selections and recommendations, it’s an incredible tool for magazine lovers.

MotoReadWhen you can’t read the story, Moto will recite them to you from a self-curated reading list.

SpotifyBe sure to make playlists and rate songs— the more you interact, the more awesome the Spotify selections become.


Work & Productivity

Google KeepOrganize every detail with this note-based app to instantly recall everything that you’re interested in remembering.

DropboxHaving your files and documents all in one place makes work and life a lot less messy to manage. Dropbox gives you the space to store it all.

TodoistKeep yourself organized and accountable with notifications and incentives, like ‘karma points,’ that will make you want to keep to task more often.

SnapSeedMake the most of your images for Instagram and other social platforms by utilizing this intuitive and expansive enhancement/filter tool.  


Shopping & Home Care

InstacartNo time for a grocery run? Don’t resort to take out. Instacart will do the heavy lifting, literally, delivering your local groceries right to your door.

The OutnetDiscover incredible fashion at super-high savings; there is always something stellar waiting for you just a few clicks away.

BouqsEasily add a little life to your own home or share a selection of fresh flowers arrangements with someone you love.

HandyA little help with the household chores— yes, please. It’s super simple to book and review a person or crew that fits your needs.


Travel & Entertaining

YelpAlmost always the first stop for everyone who is planning a night out and looking for a new spot— and there’s a good reason it’s the most popular.  

Hotel TonightLove to travel last-minute? Hotel tonight is perfect for your inner spur-of-the moment adventurer.

HipmunkNo matter what type of travel you’re booking, Hipmunk is an efficient way to take a look at everything you need.  

Open Table Super simple to use; plus, gain points just by making resies at your favorite restos to score cash back for booking through them.