The Power of Recognizing Small Victories


 When was the last time you gave yourself a pat on the back? Felt proud of doing something nice for someone? Gave yourself credit for a job well done when something was challenging you? Probably not recently enough.

Continually wrapped up in our day-to-day existence, we often go on autopilot to accomplish the tasks we believe are necessary to make each day successful. We overlook many of our daily interactions and achievements; sometimes even feeling uncomfortable taking credit for them when they're recognized. We feel like it's our personal responsibility to others to do what's necessary—even if it’s a thankless job.

Gettin' it done is significant, but taking a second to relish in it, too, is an important to completing the circle. It’s not to say that gloating is preferable; but a healthy dose of self-acknowledgment never hurts. Appreciating your own strengths, your ability to surpass your own expectations, can do wonders for your overall happiness. If each day you found one minuscule thing that makes you proud to be you, imagine, over time, what that would feel like; as well as the impact it may have on day-to-day experiences and interactions. 

Begin to celebrate your accomplishments as second nature, enrich your life. The more aware you become of your own ability to succeed, the more positive power will exude from you—spreading good energy into the universe. When others witness your self-confidence they’re more likely to find their own desire to succeed in your strength of character. Everybody wins. 

In all of life's chaos, we tend to diminish the delight of being mindful. We readily forget to take pride in small victories, even though each moment counts and every second is important. When we don't see the forest for the trees; we cheat ourselves. It's imperative to remember, life’s journey is built of small steps, no matter how inconsequential they seem in the moment. 

A stellar time to practice this positivity is when you’re feeling particularly down on yourself— a time when you’re most vulnerable to criticism, yet most awake to your core intentions, posit questions like:

 “What have I done recently with great success?”

"What is a major obstacle that I've recently overcome?"

"How have I positively acknowledged a personal achievement to myself recently?”

“What positive attributes do I possess that people would say they admire in me?”

“What recently made me proud to ‘be me’?”

Make a list; writing down as many questions as you’d like. The clearer you can make the intentions the better. And don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find the answers right away; focus on the questions and make them personal mantras to utilize in the future. If they’re ingrained in your mind, there is a better chance of recalling them to put into practice making them a healthy habit.

To live a full and happy life, we must learn to celebrate our ability to solve problems and persevere particularly in the tough times. Magnanimous, powerful change comes from small, continual actions in both our personal lives and the impact we make through it on the greater consciousness.  When we allow ourselves the ability to truly experience every step along the way, when we really feel like we're soldiering through it, we build a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

Always remember that you’re doing great things— yet there is so much farther you can go.