A Case For Hand Writing Notes


‘Digital’ has taken over every aspect of our lives— the majority of our human interactions are online, books have gone from paper to epub, and notes have transposed from ink to iCloud. Although it’s assuredly so that some business communications are best kept on a network instead of in a notebook, there is still a case for hand writing some of what you’re jotting down during the day.

I’m a staunch believer in well-written handwriting— to the point of lamenting the lost art of good penmanship to anyone that will listen— alas, that’s not quite the crux of this current conversation. There are a few more ultra-important motivations for writing down your notes according to some pretty serious sources, especially if you want to recall them later.

The two most important reasons why? First, you analyze, and as a result, internalize your writing better when you’re listening and putting to paper— because the process is much more meticulous than reciting on a laptop according to a Mueller and Oppenheimer study sited in Scientific American; likening the writing to “mental lifting.” What’s more, NPR, notating the same experiment, expounded “the more words [the students] copied verbatim, the worse they performed on recall tests.”

We spend enough time entrenched in our digital dalliances in our regular day to day activities; what a perfect opportunity to ditch Word once in a while and write down what really matters instead.