CJC Interview: Kate Daye, Realtor & Entrepreneur

"I have enough confidence in myself to know that no matter what happens, I can eventually overcome it" - Kate Daye

"I have enough confidence in myself to know that no matter what happens, I can eventually overcome it" - Kate Daye

Where do you hail from/live currently? “Delaware/Central PA; Wilkes-Barre, PA.”

Where do you find inspiration? "From my family, friends; God, & the Universe… and on long morning walks with my dog."

How would you describe your personality? "Layered & bold."

What does being an ‘entrepreneur’ mean to you? "Deciding to put yourself in charge of your income and your future. Having your success dependent almost solely on your own ideas, work, thoughts, and talent. Taking risks, being innovative, and going the extra mile to have the chance to build your own dream, instead of clocking-in to build someone elses."

What’s your favorite ‘me-time’ or ‘self-care’ activity? "Going to the gym. 100% all of the time. It allows me to be competitive, but only with myself. It allows me to release anger by lifting heavy things with music blaring. It allows my mind to wander on to and off of work – to gain different perspectives from a different frame of mind and mood. It allows me to be alone in a crowded room in a good way. It allows me to not feel alone in a city that I’m not from. It allows me to lock my phone in a locker and find peace. It keeps my head on right. I am late to work (not that I clock in) so frequently due to spending extra time at the gym or choosing to go during bad weather conditions and I literally just told myself this morning “…well my physical health plays a huge role in my mental health and my mental health determines my job performance so I’m not going to feel bad for one second about finishing up this workout.”

What is the biggest lesson you learned in your 20s? "That shitty things happen to good people & God has a plan."

What is your outlook on your future career? "I'll make it work."

What’s your favorite quote? "It changes daily. I love so many. I few that are currently resonating with me are: 

How you make others feel about themselves says a lot about you.
You can do anything, but not everything.
Bitch, don’t kill my vibe. "

What is the biggest contributor to your personal, inevitable self-doubt? "Comparing what I feel are the worst parts about me to the best parts of others."

If you could give one piece of career advice what would it be? "Don’t think you’re above hard work and don’t be scared of what you don’t know. I feel like fortune truly does favor the bold. And one thing I read that always helped me in a stuffy board room or during a delicate business deal was something along the lines of “No one else knows what their doing either.”"

Who do you find in business, a personal mentor or celebrity figure to be most intriguing? "My Dad, Lee Daye."

If you weren’t pursuing your current career, what would you want to be doing? "Honestly, I can’t think of a corporate- type job or career that I really want. Maybe a travel / leisure writer."

How do you define success? "Happiness. Plain and simple. Zero other factors."

What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses as an entrepreneur? "Strengths would be that I am not afraid of change, of making big decisions, or of making mistakes. I have enough confidence in myself to know that no matter what happens, I can eventually overcome it, even if that means completely failing and having to run in another direction. I trust the universe in that sense. Other strengths also revolve around a semi-lack of fear when it comes to a lot of things: public speaking, taking on projects bigger than myself, applying for positions that many wouldn’t, etc... On the flip side, my weaknesses parallel a lot of those same traits. For having such confidence in some respects, I sure do over-analyze a lot of others. I take everything personally. I’m really sensitive and I bite back at people who I feel are trying to be intentionally rude or hurtful – which can always lead to regrets, and in turn, more over-analyzing of others and myself."

What do you believe most prepared/inspired you to work solo—i.e. corporate experience, college, friends, family, etc.? "The second job that I took out of college was in financial sales (which I had NO experience in) and required me to rely only on my own hard work and abilities for my paycheck. I became addicted to that job in the aspect that I was in control of my mind and therefore my team, my income, and my outcome. It was a grueling 90 hour a week job that allowed me to rapidly grow and succeed before choosing to move on. It taught me to rely on myself and it showed me how being competitive in things outside of sports could really pay off."

What is your favorite Instagram to follow? "I love the snarky, relatable ones that make me laugh like @notskinnybutnotfat & @betches."


The Crackerjack Collective is a series of informal interviews for These New Walls, featuring my entrepreneur and/or work from home network that continuously inspires me. These interviews are meant to, in turn, inspire others looking for similar insight on what we do and the motivation to get started. x Kate, Founder, TNW