Quick & Quotable: January 29th


Don’t have time for the whole story right now? Chew on these tasty snacks that we’ve rounded up for you.

How I Get It Done: Ann CurryThe Cut

 “Men and women feel pressure to meet some sort of standard in terms of appearances, but it’s more intense for women. In my lifetime, women have had fewer leadership roles in TV (like executive producer, or president), and that creates a different kind of pressure.”

ALISON BRIE Is Not Just One Of The Girls—She’s All Of Them— NYLON

“GLOW is also very much a show about women’s ambitions in a world in which their drives and desires are not valued in the same way as men’s. The series memorably opens on a scene in which Brie’s character is auditioning for a part on a television show and reads the lines of the male role because the female part is barely anything, just one of those characters who seems to be more of a placeholder than an actual person. “

All Good Magazines Go to HeavenThe New York Times

 “At a moment when the old titans like Condé Nast and Time Inc. are contracting, shape-shifting and anxiously hashtagging, herein lies a museum of real magazine making, testament to the old glossy solidity. The price of admission, however, is stiff: visitors can do research with a staffer’s aid for 75 pounds per hour (about $100), with negotiable day rates (and a student discount of 20 percent), or gingerly borrow a magazine for three working days for £50.”

“This is Serious:” Facebook Begins It’s Downward Spiral Vanity Fair

“It’s impossible to predict where Facebook and other social sites will be in five years. Will they be largely extinct? Will they be more akin to Netflix, or like TV channels we can group-comment on? Will they have fixed their problems and be thriving?” Donald Trump came along and made it his 24-hour mouthpiece. Facebook could go in this direction, saved by its foray into scripted content, or the mass adoption of virtual reality. Or, it could be split up into half-a-dozen pieces.”

Poor Little Rich Folks Bloomberg Pursuit, Book Review

“It’s a good time to be rich in New York. Tax rates are historically low, so is crime, and the White House is occupied by the most pro-wealthy-person president ever elected. The costly renovations that many of Sherman’s subjects describe are to combine two or three presumably already very nice apartments into one, yet the author finds these people wracked with doubt.”