Quick & Quotable: February 12th



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Stop Shaming Women for Spending MoneyHarper’s Bazaar

“Men certainly don’t seem ashamed to show off, for instance, the thousand dollar watches they bought. Meanwhile women are pilloried for spending the same amount on a handbag. Corporette notes regarding a young woman carrying an expensive handbag: “For some reason, while both a fancy handbag and a large engagement ring can send vibes of 'I’m rich, materialistic, and show-offy,' we’ve never really gotten those vibes from a good watch—particularly one lacking bling.”

Meet Fashion's First Computer-Generated Influencer— BoF

“Over a decade later, the fashion industry woke up to the opportunity. In 2013, Louis Vuitton's Marc Jacobs designed tour costumes for virtual avatar Hatsune Miku, a sixteen-year-old Japanese singer who performs her concert onstage as an animated projection hologram and has collaborated with Lady Gaga and Pharrell. Riccardo Tisci, during his tenure as creative director of Givenchy, also designed an exclusive haute couture gown for Miku, who modelled the laceSwarovski crystal and crocodile trimmed creation alongside Tisci in Givenchy's Paris studio for American Vogue's May 2016 issue.” 

Every Popular Image is a Meme NowNY Mag

“Online, in the ever-more-influential world of digital culture, the ability to create conceptual links is prized as wit. Can you take one joke and attach it to another? Can you see how this image references the other? Beyond memes, you find social-media users like Tabloid Art History, who help spur a culture linking famous images of the past with the popular (if not capital-A artistic) meme images that dominate digital culture today.” 

Fashion World Grapples With Follower FakesWWD

“If a brand works with five influencers and three have large fake followings, then the brand isn’t going to get the ROI and they’ll think influencer marketing doesn’t work. For influencers, that’s such a dangerous thing. The idea that influencer marketing isn’t valuable is probably the single biggest threat to the industry,” said James Nord, cofounder and chief executive officer of Fohr Card, a digital agency that works with influencers and brands predominantly in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle spaces.”

I Will Die in This Beautiful PlaceNew York Times Style Section

“In the vast mythology of New York, it’s the place you go to become who you always wanted to be. You move here and everything finally happens for you in the way where you feel like you’re struggling, but then you eventually get it together enough to look back at it with enough material for a humble-yet-thoughtful memoir that includes a passage about the way there used to be neighborhoods, before the city became a strip mall. And the people back home who never understood you still don’t understand you, and their lives are so nice looking. Good for them.”