Quick & Quotable: February 19th


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Silicon Valley’s Tax-Avoiding, Job-Killing, Soul Sucking Machine— Esquire

“As Western nations become wealthier, organized religion plays a smaller role in our lives. But the void between questions and answers remains, creating an opportunity. As more and more people become alienated from traditional religion, we look to Google as our immediate, all-knowing oracle of answers from trivial to profound. Google is our modern-day god. Google appeals to the brain, offering knowledge to everyone, regardless of background or education level. If you have a smartphone or an Internet connection, your prayers will always be answered: “Will my kid be all right?” “Symptoms and treatment of croup. . .” “Who might attack us?” “Nations with active nuclear-weapons programs . . .”” 

The Other Women’s March on WashingtonThe Cut

“And so across the nation, on practically every weekend, women who hope to one day lead their communities and perhaps their country are getting crash courses in civic participation. On a Saturday in late October, as EMILY’s List’s Schriock was addressing potential candidates at the Detroit Women’s Conference, the group’s executive director, Emily Cain, was doing the same for a hundred women in Manhattan. “If you wake up in the morning caring about something,” Cain told the potential future leaders of America crowding the wood-paneled room, notepads out, “you are qualified to run for office.””

It’s The End of Agencies As We Know It. Here’s Where We Go Next— Adweek

“In the age of radical transparency, media complexity and perpetual connectivity, perhaps the business we should be in is helping brands gain trust with their customers and users. Use creativity as the force for building trust, not in the vain pursuit of fame. Trust will have a longer, sustaining business impact for our clients.”

How Whitney Wolfe Herd Changed the Dating Game— Texas Monthly

“People like rules. This is one of the dirty secrets of human behavior. An enormous amount of anxiety in the dating world derives from not knowing exactly what the rules are. Should you text her after two days? Or two hours? Would splitting the check with him be a sign of disinterest or decency? Over on Tinder, where the perception is that everyone is neck-deep in casual sex and naked selfies, I’ve witnessed something quite different happening: nothing." 

Female Friendships Are More Crucial Than Ever—So Why Do We Still Love a Catfight?– Glamour

“Though #squadgoals is now a dusty hashtag, it marked a shift in how people view female friendship. Most popular in the back half of 2015, #squadgoals and #girlsquads applied to many groups, from a bunch of cute puppies to the Teletubbies, but mostly to women who were flashing peace signs on the beach, flanking a bride, or even showing up to support friends enduring genuine hardships, like treatment for cancer.”