Quick & Quotable: March 12th


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Social Media is Reshaping Sex Work but Also Threatening It— Wired

“If you’re an aspiring high-end escort like Estelle Lucas, Instagram is the only place to connect with the most coveted of clients: wealthy men of Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Lucas, who bills herself as “the premier escort in Melbourne,” has a few thousand followers and a quirky vibe. She frequently posts ribald memes alongside her lingerie shots—“Come for the boobs, stay for the cat videos,” says her bio—most with her face either turned away from the camera or blurred out.” 

Why This Artist Intentionally Destroyed a Famous Work of Art— Architectural Digest  

“Bentel believes that there is room for an artwork to exist as both a cultural artifact and as a commodity but hopes that the art market will always consider the concept of a piece more than its salability. Were Rauschenberg alive today, Bentel hopes that he would be excited about the project, and about digital art. "His artwork is relevant once again, and it has the power to bring people together to consider what advertising means, and what can be changed in the economic art world."” 

The Best Reactions to Gucci's Milan Runway Where Models Carried Replicas of Their Own Heads— Marie Claire

Needless to say, the surprising concept had a major impact on the show's audience, and people all over the world. Gucci's influence is no more evident than on social media, whereby people have started recreating the severed head looks along with the hashtag #GucciChallenge. Started by Instagram's director of fashion partnerships, Eva Chen, the craze soon took off."

Paid to Play: A day in the life of professional gamers—California Sunday Magazine

“One day the anthropologists will come. They will observe what happens when you quarter professional video gamers — barely through adolescence, from Korea and China and the U.S. and wherever else young men shout at screens — in fancy Southern California homes for months at a time. The anthropologists won’t need to stay that long. What happens, almost exclusively, is the video gamers play video games. During prescribed breaks, they also play video games. Conversation centers on video games. Takeout ziti and Domino’s fuel the video games. The players wake up at 11. There’s not much stress around recycling the Sprite cans, or hanging art, or hanging clothes, or having those clothes not be sweat pants.”

I Am the Very Important Long Read Everyone is Talking About— McSweeneys

“Oh, hello! I’m sorry, I should have introduced myself. I just wanted to give you a little taste of the storytelling to come! I’m the very important longread that everyone’s talking about, the one that every single person you know has already read. That’s right, I’m an incredibly verbose piece of journalism that your boss, your coworkers, and your most Twitter-annoying friend have already spread all over social media with the comment “This.” Welcome!”