Quick & Quotable: March 19th


Don’t have time for the whole story right now? Sample the tasty snacks we’ve rounded up for you.

The DIY Girls: All-Girl Engineer Team Invents Solar-Powered Tent for the Homeless — Mashable

“In the beginning, the team depended on Evelyn for guidance, but they quickly started doing everything on their own. If they had an issue with a solar panel not functioning properly, they watched YouTube videos. If they couldn't figure out a stitch pattern, they Googled it. The girls even developed their own inspirational hashtag: #wegetitdone.” 

Everybody’s a fashion expert: The rise of the faux professional— The New Daily

“She had posted lots of photos of her victims, both well known and not. She had no editorial work, no creative projects. Everyone she had practiced on looked exactly alike, that Kylie Jenner hybrid of false eyelashes, contouring streaks, overdrawn eyebrows and over plumped limps. She looked like that herself.”

Versace: The Resurrection— 1843 Magazine  

““What we need to do more”, says Akeroyd, “is tell the story of the brand,” which makes Versace’s tragedy into a kind of advantage. While other brands these days struggle to create a “narrative”, Versace has a real, powerful story. Fascination with the murder can be a mixed blessing – earlier this year the company condemned as inaccurate “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”, a mini-series starring Penelope Cruz as Donatella – but it ensures the brand’s cultural potency, which inspires not just drama but also music, including recent songs, such as Bruno Mars’s “Versace on the Floor” and Migos’s “Versace” 

Top 10 Campaigns of the Season— BoF

“As social media becomes increasingly saturated, brands are vying for attention through more creative, conceptual — and most importantly, clickable — seasonal campaigns. Such is the case for Spring/Summer 2018, where fashion houses big and small took creative risks with their advertising to cut through the noise.”

Roland Mouret Loves the Scent of Sunday Morning Pastries and Wants to Perfume Your Thighs—The Cut

“When I said the perfume was meant to be sprayed between the legs, people started asking me about thigh gaps. What is a thigh gap? I’m a son of a butcher. That balance between bone, muscle, and fat, I have no problem with. It’s personal. Nothing is right or wrong, it just depends on the moment with the person. Women have become so much more unapologetic about who they are. And it’s brilliant — it’s so brilliant.”