Quick & Quotable: March 5th

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See Nike’s New Reimagined 1 Women's Sneaker Collection—Teen Vogue

“Reimagined 1 finally provides female sneaker enthusiasts a dope collection to call their own that pushes boundaries and represents modern style. “At Nike, we’ve been creating product offerings for women for years that are very acceptable but incredibly provocative at the same time,” says Marie. “Now, we’re in a time where women are intrigued about sneakers and want to kind of push the boundaries with them. I love it.””

The Art of Conversation Kinfolk

“Proposing that conversation should be intellectual is not to demand only deep insights or high-minded discourse. Rather, it insists on thoughtfulness. Even small talk can turn to good conversation if intelligently undertaken. Observations about food, clothes, weather or sports easily lead to consequential matters among well-informed, inventive conversationalists. When conversation turns to weighty issues, familiarity with facts and subtleties makes a difference, while agreeableness and good humor keep things moving along.” 

The Women Who Took on the Mafia— The New Yorker

“Many prosecutors rejected the idea that women could be persuaded to testify against their relatives. “This was another form of prejudice—the belief that no one, and certainly not a woman, is going to talk about their own family,” Cerreti said. She conceded that it would take unusual bravery. But, she argued, “when justice shows people that it is strong and that the state is present and can help you if you want to collaborate, then you find that collaborators appear.””

Alexander Wang Drops New Campaign That Doesn’t Feature Any Models— Dazed Digital

“To photograph the clothing or item as a study after the subject wore it felt especially timely, removing her from the photograph but retaining her vibrant spirit,” Wang said on his idea for the campaign. In similar non-traditional fashion to the model-less campaign, Wang will no longer present his collections alongside his New York peers but will instead show in line with pre-collection presentations in June and December.” 

Can Traditional Beauty Companies Compete With Disruptors Dominating Instagram?— Adweek

“Millennial consumers want products that feel special and unique. More is not better—lean on curation. When Kylie’s Lip Kits launched, only 15,000 units were released. Patrick Starrr’s collaboration with MAC will feature 12 items. Millennial consumers trust individual products versus entire lines. Whereas makeup bags used to be devoted to products from one brand, now they include hero products from many different brands.”