Short Read Round Up: 1/5/18

Still catching up after the holidays? We are too. Here are a few inspirations, ideas, and insights to start a stellar new year. 

How Luxury Went Millennial- i-D

“The two most commercially successful brands among millennials at the moment are Balenciaga and Gucci. Both Demna Gvasalia and Alessandro Michele have successfully created that brand experience, but at the heart is the product, its signals, and codes. Both have successfully (and most importantly) naturally, placed their designs within the framework of internet culture.”

Lunch with Lee- Kinfolk

“With a rare life story and table guests that make for compelling reading on their own, it could be easy to lose sight of what this remarkable woman actually liked to cook at her now-famous meals. Thankfully, we are informed in intricately researched and lovingly told detail by the author.”

Four Reasons Resumes No Longer Work- Fast Company

“Past generations valued years of experience, and traditional resumes convey this information by offering a chronological snapshot of your employment history. Today, however, candidates are being judged and employed based on their ability to perform–something that doesn’t easily come across on a resume.”

Niche is the New Mass Market- Moj Mahadara- BOF Voices 2017

“A frequent question I get asked is, ‘What is it like to run a beauty company when you so obviously do not wear makeup?’ My response is, ‘Neither do any of the other Fortune 500 beauty brands that are also run by men—they also do not wear makeup.’”

J.Crew’s Mickey Drexler Confesses: I Underestimated How Tech Would Upend Retail- Wall Street Journal

“The incumbent leaders never see it coming,” said Clayton Christensen, the Harvard Business School professor who introduced the theory of disruptive innovation 20 years ago. “They focus on their best customers and try to provide what they need, but the customers who first defect [to new technology] are usually the least profitable.”